Permobil Australia Blog

Have you seen the new Permobil Australia Blog ? It's full of interesting and useful articles on everything from how different materials effect how a manual wheelchair performs, to traveling with a power wheelchair, through to finding the best paediatric mobility device for your little one. It's being updated constantly by Malcolm Turnbull, Permobil Advisor and long time chair user, and Rachel...Read more

Virtual Reality brings wheelchair skills into the 21st century

A signficant challenge that users and therapists face whenever a new chair is delivered is developing a way for the user to train themselves with their new chair in a safe way. Obviously the client shouldn't be forced into a situation where they might hurt themselves, but by the same token, they will likely face scenarios while out and about in their chair, which they will need to know how to...Read more

Our website is now SSL secure for your safety

As we continue to stay committed to customer service and protection on August 10 2017 we took the extra measure to secure our entire website using a SSL certification. A secure SSL connection protects online visitors when providing information to our company such as filling out forms and making payments. To learn more SSL certifications please visit this link here . If you have any questions...Read more