I wanted her bed to have more of a “cubby house” feel

We recently delivered a Nino for a three year old girl which was powder coated in three colours!

Julia provided this insight into why she chose the NINO series bed for her 3-year-old daughter. The patient’s age is 3 years old. She has TPN-dependent Ultra Short Gut Syndrome. This means she receives her nutrition intravenously, through a central venous catheter directly into her heart, for 16 hours a day.

Lightning Mobility

The high Perspex sides of the Nino bed keep her safely contained overnight and prevent her from playing with or turning off her IV pump, while the hi-Lo mechanism also allows us to place her at a safe working height to take care of her medical needs.

I chose the colours, and indeed the bed itself, as I wanted as much as possible to avoid her bed looking too “medical”.

I wanted it to be bright and inviting, and appropriate for the bedroom of a young child.

We are very happy with the Nino bed’s appearance and more importantly, she is thrilled with her new bed.

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