Quickie 5R Rigid Manual Wheelchair

Highly adjustable to elevate your mobility

The Quickie® 5R is designed to deliver superior rigid wheelchair performance day after day


The Quickie® 5R is designed to deliver superior rigid wheelchair performance day after day. As you and your environment evolve, or as you refine your riding capabilities,  5R’s frame and components is designed to elevate your mobility.
The Quickie 5R features a highly adjustable wheelchair design without compromising on the rigid wheelchair feel and performance. With the infinitely adjustable centre of gravity and ability to adjust the backrest height and angle - You’ll always find a seating position that suits you best!


Open Frame Design with Hydro-Formed Caster Link

The Quickie 5R’s open frame design takes the proven ride quality and geometry that so many have loved about the GT and improves upon it with a swept-back, hydro-formed caster link for added style and a smooth ride.
The Quickie 5R offers two manual wheelchair frame options. The Classic frame features a traditional frame length for maximum stability. The shortened Performance frame length offers maximum responsiveness.

Swept-Back, Highly Adjustable Axle Plate Design

The swept-back axle plate design adds to the 5R's style and features a colour window for an extra pop of color on your active wheelchair.
But it isn’t just for looks - it is also incredibly quick to adjust. Available in two lengths - short (4.5" of vertical adjustment) and long (6" of vertical adjustment) - this axle plate ensures you are getting the adjustment range you need without adding unnecessary weigh

Custom Options

Quickie Xtender Power Assist
Developed by Quickie and Yamaha, the Xtender features motorised rear wheels that increase the force you apply to the handrims by four times.
XTR Suspension
The XTR Suspension Frame helps you fearlessly conquer curbs, bumps, and tough terrain. Add Mountain wheels, Knobby tires, wide casters, and Frog Legs suspension caster forks for the ultimate off-road wheelchair experience
Topolino Carbon Core Wheels
One of the lightest wheelsets on the market today at only 1.1 kgs per pair. Topolino Carbon Core Wheels enhance your overall independence and mobility while making transport and storing much easier
Custom-Colored JAY® J3™ Backs
Add a pop of matching or contrasting colour to your 5R with a painted JAY J3 back. Choose from any of the standard or matte frame colours available on Quickie wheelchairs, and we will paint your J3 back at no additional charg


Seat Width: 12” to 20”
Seat Depth: 12” to 20”
Front seat height: 16” to 21”
Backrest Angle: Fore (-) 17° to Aft (+) 8°Front Seat
Max. User Weight: 120 kgs
Product Weight: 9.8 kgs