Light Drive

The Light Drive is a power add-on device that turns your manual wheelchair into an ultra-light, high performance electric wheelchair in 20 seconds!

The motor attachment simply hooks onto the rear of most rigid or folding manual wheelchairs.

The device is controlled by a joystick while maintaining the chair’s manoeuvrability.

By releasing a clutch, you can choose when to switch between assisted power or manual use.

Feel safe and confident with automatic braking control while descending hills.


Advantages of The Light Drive…

The Light Drive is controlled with a joystick and yet remains as manoeuvrable and as easy to use as a manual chair.

By releasing the clutch you can free wheel giving you the freedom to choose when to use it.

The Light Drive gives you the independence to go where you want at your own pace – climb hills with no effort, coast across grass, sweep along gravel paths and uneven pavers – in short, most things pedestrians can do.



Turn your manual wheelchair into an ultra light power chair in 20 seconds!

he Light Drive powers the existing (self-propelled) wheels on your wheelchair and does not alter the dynamics.

Now with your added power, you’ll be able to face almost all terrains.

It’s simplicity to attach and operate means your journeys become much easier to complete.

Transporting your wheelchair with Light Drive is effortless when traveling by vehicle.  All parts to the Light Drive detach from your manual wheelchair which is a huge advantage over any fixed power electric wheelchair on the market.

Attaching the Light Drive can be done in 4 steps

Attaching the unit to your rigid or folding manual wheelchair takes 20 seconds!

Using two pre-installed plates (on the rear of the wheelchair), attach the Light Drive unit by hooking onto these then fasten by pulling the two locking handles outward.

Set up the controller for User operation

  • Control your LightDrive using a joystick controller that attaches to a bracket, mounted to the side of your wheelchair
  • Turn your manual wheelchair into an ultra-light power chair in seconds
  • Transports easily in any vehicle
  • Independence to go where you want
  • By releasing the clutch you can free wheel giving you the choice when to use it


Set up the controller for Companion operation

  • The controller is attached to the rear handle of your manual wheelchair

  • Effortless pushing of the wheelchair for the attendant

  • Efficient and safe maneuvers: speed control and braking aid

  • Transports easily in any vehicle

  • Journeys become easier

8 colours to choose from!

The Light Drive device comes in 8 colours to choose from:

  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black
  • Red

(Black, Red & Blue being our most popular)

Tyres durable enough to last the journey

With the added power to your wheelchair, you’re likely to travel further distances facing many differing terrains.

If your wheelchair is not equipped with suitable tyres to handle these conditions, your tyres are likely to deteriorate quite quickly.

With optimum performance and puncture resistance in mind, our choice of tyre is the Schwalbe Marathon Plus.



Adaptable Wheelchairs

Installation possible on virtually all chairs from 25 cm seat width (9.8 inches).

Maximum weight advised

Approx 100kg (16 stone) for optimum performance, but can go up to 120kg (19 stone)

Weight of unit

Motor 9kg, battery 5kg, brackets & joystick 500g


20% (12°) for a person weighing 70kg (11 stone).


Adjustable between 0-10 km/h (0-6mph).




We recommend Marathon Plus from Schwalbe as they offer excellent traction with our system and have a very thick layer of puncture resistant material. Solid tyres are not compatible.

Front castors

We recommend castors no smaller than 6’’ in diameter



Am I Eligible For Funding Support?

ou may be eligible to receive funding support.

Your Occupational Therapist normally applies for this on your behalf through the NDIS or state agency.

To see if you’re eligible for funding support through the NDIS, visit the NDIS checklist.

Your Occupational Therapist will also need a quote from us during the application lodging process.