SmartDrive MX2+ Pushtracker

New SmartDrive MX2+ PushTracker: The first activity monitor specifically designed for manual wheelchair users

The Smartdrive MX2+ fits onto rigid and folding frame wheelchairs. Ideal for anyone wanting to minimise risk of shoulder injury, with existing shoulder injury or requires power assist for mobility.The NEW PushTracker provides even more information and individualization of the SmartDrive. Not only can you use it as a fitness tracker, to keep an eye on your daily push strokes and the distances you travel, but you can also use it to customize the SmartDrive performance you like best by changing the mode of operation, tap sensitivity, top speed and more.


PushTracker Smartphone App

With the PushTracker Smartphone App, wirelessly sync & send your daily data via Bluetooth® from your PushTracker wristband for an in-depth look.

Within the App you can easily:

  • View your past performance, see just how much your  SmartDrive  helps and compare against other users.

  • Swipe between the three different PushTracker dashboards to check how you are doing at a glance and see how it compares to your daily averages.

  • Track your journey as you explore a park or city and share it with all your friends.

  • Quickly tweak the functionality / performance characteristics of your  SmartDrive  and test for what you like best.

  • Wirelessly update  PushTracker  and  SmartDrive Firmware as new software-centric features and improvements are released.

All In One Unit

Convenient single-unit design. Installation is faster and easier than ever with the rechargeable battery pack built right in. Just hook the unit onto the quick mount bracket and you’re all set.

Folding chair compatible

The spring loaded quick release bar makes it possible for the Smartdrive MX2+ to be compatible with folding wheelchairs.


Weight: 5.7kg
Range: 19.8km
Battery Type: Lithium Ion




Patrick Will - Smartdrive MX2+ Pushtracker

Patrick's Smartdrive Story

Author: Patrick Will | 11 August 2018


"The Smartdrive MX2+ Pushtracker is a truly revolutionary device that I would encourage almost all manual wheelchair users to at least look at.

Rewind the clock five years, and I probably would have said something completely different; I used to be one of those manual wheelchair users that was strictly anti power. I played several wheelchair sports, I was (and still am) highly independent, I wouldn’t allow anyone to assist me by pushing me up a hill, even if it was incredibly steep, and I was proud of the fact that I was fit and able enough to propel myself around. And then, as happens to most of us, my body caught up with me. I have suffered from arm, shoulder and back pain for many years, much of which I attribute to using a manual wheelchair.

And then the Smartdrive came along. I started using the Smartdrive MX2 model when I first commenced working at Lightning Mobility about 9 months ago (one of the perks of working for Lightning!), and found that it improved my life in almost every way. Not only did it reduce the overall amount of pushes that I did in a day significantly, I suddenly found that I could zip up my very steep driveway quickly with next to no effort, a task which used to take several painful minutes. I also found that I was able to carry things while using my chair, without having to do a strange one arm pushing technique I’m sure is familiar to every wheelchair user (I can’t tell you how many coffees I’ve spilt doing that). I was able to go shopping independently because I could carry the groceries and push the trolley, I was able to push other wheelchairs into appointments to show clients, and I could go for long walks around the neighbourhood without having to spend the rest of the day exhausted, lying down on the couch.

When the MX2+ Pushtracker came along, it just built on all of the great parts of the MX2. When you can get from point A to B simply by double tapping your wrist, that’s a pretty great thing.

One of the best things about the Smartdrive is how easy it is to switch between power assist and manual mode. If I want to get some proper exercise, I simply turn the Smartdrive off and push my chair normally, without even noticing it’s there, and if I find myself facing a steep hill, or I have to carry something, I can simply turn the Bluetooth wristband on, double tap my pushrim, and away I go. The other great thing about the Smartdrive is how portable it is. Weighing just over 5kg, I can easily lift it off my chair when I’m transferring into my car, and slip it back on at the other end. Where other power assist devices can actually reduce independence, due to needing a carer present to help transport heavy components, the Smartdrive allows me to confidently go it alone, knowing that it will handle almost any challenge I give it.

You might be reading this testimony with a degree of cynicism, given that I am a salesperson of the Smartdrive, but I can promise you that even if I weren’t working for Lightning Mobility, I would still highly recommend the Smartdrive MX2+ Pushtracker to anyone in a wheelchair."

Patrick Will,

Sales Assistant, Manual and Power Assisted Mobility, Lightning Mobility