M3 Corpus

 The precision engineering of the M3 Corpus helps ensure improved drive performance and a more consistent driving experience for all users. This is especially true at low speeds, in tight areas, or while using a variety of alternative drive controls.


Conquer your day with a suspension meticulously engineered to help you maintain better positioning, feel more secure, and reduce driving fatigue. The world is at your fingertips as you explore your environment with the M3 Corpus’ unrivaled 12″ of seat elevation and 20º ActiveReach Technology all without sacrificing comfort because the M3 maintains full suspension at ANY elevation, seating position or driving speed. Truly making it one of the world’s most capable Mid Wheel Drive power chairs.


12'' Seat Elevator

Improved Castor Glide

Flex Link Suspension


Maxium User Weight  136kg
Maximum Speed 10km/h
Base Width 24''

Base Length

Minimum Turning Radius 20.5''
Ground Clearance 75mm
Optional Seat Elevation 12''
Seat to Floor Height 17.5'',18.5'',19.5''
Tilt Options

0°-50° Posterior 

10° & 20° Anterior

Recline Options

85°-120° (manual)

85°-180° (power)

Legrest Angle 85°-170°
Seat Depth 14''-22''
Seat Width 17''-23''
backrest Heights 20'',23''-28''