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Spex Classic Back Support
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Spex Classic Back Support

Easily solve upper torso needs for most wheelchair users with the Spex Classic Back Support. The Classic Back Support incorporates the popular Spex contouring cube system to allow on-the-spot customisations for torso comfort and asymmetry needs.

  • Effortless customisations
  • On-the-spot adaptions for changing postural needs
  • Instant results
  • Cubes can be removed and added at any time
  • Contouring doesn’t move or slip out of adjustment
  • Additional contouring support wedges can be used to further enhance the degree of contouring.

The Classic Back Support, with its rectangle shape, fits between the wheelchair canes, while the T Shape Classic Back Support and the Surface Classic Back Support sit in front of the wheelchair canes due to the additional shoulder and pelvic support components.

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Designed for the individual who:

  • Requires a comfortable back support to reduce torso pain
  • Requires spinal alignment and support
  • Has skin breakdown/pressure care needs
  • Has bony or protruding skeletal prominences
  • Have changing postural needs
  • Pertains a maladaptive or asymmetric posture


  • Comfortable pressure reducing foam surface layer to absorb bony prominences.
  • Cube contouring cell system provides configurations for a perfect fit and shape for the client.
  • Customisation to contouring are performed on-the-spot.
  • Created as the solution-solver for asymmetrical back postures.
  • Modular componentry means you can ‘mix and match’ with different lateral pad options and positioning supports.
  • Offers exceptional back/shoulder contact.
  • Dual-layer cover reduces shear forces, and breathable air-mesh on back support sides counters moisture and temperature


Instant contouring of the back support surface

Using the renowned contouring cube system within the Spex Classic back support, the back support surface can be easily configured and contoured in real-time! If the user’s postural needs change, it can simply be reconfigured at any time!

Non-slip contours don’t move out of adjustment

Special cover design allows the contouring cube system to be removed through the top of the back support.

Slot & hole positions on ventilated shell

Slots and holes in the back support shell allows for better ventilation and temperature control for the user. It also allows for an easter installation of head supports, lateral supports and harnesses.

Dual-layer outer cover technology

Dual-layer technology in the back support outer cover reduces shear forces, combating the likelihood of pressure sores. With air-mesh side panels, moisture build up and the impacts of temperature are contoured.


Back Support Size 10"-15" (25.4-38 cm) 16"-20" (41-51 cm) 21"+ (53 cm+)
Maximum occupant weight 200 lb (90 kg) 300 lb (136 kg) Must use Heavy-Duty brackets 400 lb (180 kg)
Maximum occupant weight with Heavy-Duty brackets 300 lb (90 kg) 400 lb (136 kg) Must use Heavy-Duty brackets 400 lb (180 kg)

Size Options

12", 14", 16"
12", 14", 16"
14", 16", 18"
14", 16", 18"
16", 18", 20"
16", 18", 20"
18", 20", 23"
18", 20", 23"
18", 20", 23"
18", 20", 23"
18", 20", 23"