Amber's Stewart - Glide Centro Power Wheelchair

Amber's New Power Wheelchair story

Author: Amber Stewart| 10th April 2020


I would like to thank Lightning Mobility very much for being so friendly, helpful & caring & for the attention to detail with making my new power chair so comfortable & such a positive experience. I am still figuring out ways of doing some things because of the height difference of my old chair which is lower to the ground naturally, but I am enjoying my chair very much.
I am delighted to say that I haven’t run over anyone’s feet or my cat’s paws, but I did go on the grass once & when I tried to turn around I got a bit bogged, but thankfully someone soon came to my rescue. I also dropped my phone on the bathroom floor & moved carefully to position my chair to pick it up with the grabber stick (without success) & then pulled a couple of the hooks off the shower curtain rail & when I tried to turn the other way I pulled more off & then when I straightened up the whole curtain came down, but I just need more practice.
The tilt function is absolutely fantastic! I would be very happy to recommend Lightning Mobility to anyone. Thank you Cameron & (very sorry, but I can’t remember the name of the woman answering the phone. I am a very happy customer!

Find out more about the Glide Centro https://www.lightningmobility.com.au/products/power-wheelchairs/glide-centro


Kath’s All Terrain V6 Power Wheelchair

The AT Power Wheelchair Lifestyle...

Author: Rob from: Yass NSW | 15 August 2019


Kath’s All Terrain Power Wheelchair, Magic Mobility v6 

Rob (Kath’s Husband) has informed us that Kath’s new chair has given her a whole new lease of life able to get out and about around the property check her sheep and alpacas. Also, it has allowed Rob to let her go shopping and not have to follow her around. Rob told us he is very happy with the chair as well. Kath’s All terrain Power Wheelchair also features a fold down backrest it can be transported in the back of their Holden ute.




A Letter of Thanks ...

A Letter of Thanks...

Author: Mary & Christopher from Belconnon | 15 May 2019


Just a quick note to express our gratitude on the service Lightning Mobility provided to us on purchasing a Mangar Elk. Great customer service from all staff we had contact with.


A special note of thanks to you particularly for taking the time to demonstrate the Lifting Cushion for us during handover.



Thanks again from Mary and Christopher 



Patrick Will - Smartdrive MX2+ Pushtracker

Patrick's Smartdrive Story

Author: Patrick Will | 11 August 2018


"The Smartdrive MX2+ Pushtracker is a truly revolutionary device that I would encourage almost all manual wheelchair users to at least look at.

Rewind the clock five years, and I probably would have said something completely different; I used to be one of those manual wheelchair users that was strictly anti power. I played several wheelchair sports, I was (and still am) highly independent, I wouldn’t allow anyone to assist me by pushing me up a hill, even if it was incredibly steep, and I was proud of the fact that I was fit and able enough to propel myself around. And then, as happens to most of us, my body caught up with me. I have suffered from arm, shoulder and back pain for many years, much of which I attribute to using a manual wheelchair.

And then the Smartdrive came along. I started using the Smartdrive MX2 model when I first commenced working at Lightning Mobility about 9 months ago (one of the perks of working for Lightning!), and found that it improved my life in almost every way. Not only did it reduce the overall amount of pushes that I did in a day significantly, I suddenly found that I could zip up my very steep driveway quickly with next to no effort, a task which used to take several painful minutes. I also found that I was able to carry things while using my chair, without having to do a strange one arm pushing technique I’m sure is familiar to every wheelchair user (I can’t tell you how many coffees I’ve spilt doing that). I was able to go shopping independently because I could carry the groceries and push the trolley, I was able to push other wheelchairs into appointments to show clients, and I could go for long walks around the neighbourhood without having to spend the rest of the day exhausted, lying down on the couch.

When the MX2+ Pushtracker came along, it just built on all of the great parts of the MX2. When you can get from point A to B simply by double tapping your wrist, that’s a pretty great thing.

One of the best things about the Smartdrive is how easy it is to switch between power assist and manual mode. If I want to get some proper exercise, I simply turn the Smartdrive off and push my chair normally, without even noticing it’s there, and if I find myself facing a steep hill, or I have to carry something, I can simply turn the Bluetooth wristband on, double tap my pushrim, and away I go. The other great thing about the Smartdrive is how portable it is. Weighing just over 5kg, I can easily lift it off my chair when I’m transferring into my car, and slip it back on at the other end. Where other power assist devices can actually reduce independence, due to needing a carer present to help transport heavy components, the Smartdrive allows me to confidently go it alone, knowing that it will handle almost any challenge I give it.

You might be reading this testimony with a degree of cynicism, given that I am a salesperson of the Smartdrive, but I can promise you that even if I weren’t working for Lightning Mobility, I would still highly recommend the Smartdrive MX2+ Pushtracker to anyone in a wheelchair."

Patrick Will,

Sales Assistant, Manual and Power Assisted Mobility, Lightning Mobility


Thank you to Lightning Mobility

Hello Cameron and Patrick,
As you may know, I am providing support coordination for an NDIS client.  
I'd like to pass on her thanks and commendation for the warm, expert and timely response you have each given her since her referral to Lightning Mobility. Following that contact, I have noticed a positive difference in her confidence and expectation for her future mobility and independence. 
Many Thanks and Regards,   

Dianne Epstein
Support Coordinator
Kalinga Australia

*client's name removed per their request for privacy reasons


Deborah Pfitzner - Quickie Pulse 6 Power Wheelchair

Deborah Pfitzner - Quickie Pulse 6 Power Wheelchair

Deborah's Lightning Story

Aurthor: Deborah Pfitzner | 11 July 2016


Deborah Pfitzner is seated comfortably in her new Quickie Pulse 6 Mid- Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair featuing Spex Seating as well as a power seat tilt & power seat elevation!

...and you know what Deborah said about her new chair? ..."the chair is going to make it easier to get around now!!"

Deborah recommends for other people that are thinking about getting a power wheelchair to get one before they actually need one so when they do actually need it using it is a habit.



James Harvey - Zippie Zone Manual Wheelchair

James's Lightning Story

Aurthor: Kimberley Harvey | 27 July 2016

Watch out for James Pokemon hunting on the go in his new Zippie Zone Wheelchair featuring Spex Seating

James's mum Kimberley reports "We've been giving the wheelchair a pretty good workout in the last couple of weeks and are really happy with it!! As you know James doesn't need the chair full time but it enables him to participate in activities that he otherwise wouldn't be able to. It lets him save his energy for the fun stuff without wasting his energy on getting from place to place. 
We had great fun out Pokemon hunting in it on the weekend and clocked more than 10km - and countless pokemon!! We love being able to get out and about more freely, it really will improve the quality of life for the whole family." 


Kimberley Harvey


Richard England - Power Wheelchair

Richards Lightning Story

Author: Richard England | 21 June 2017


"Lighting Mobility staff takes their time to find out exactly what you require in a wheelchair, your limitations, and the situations/locations you will use it in. A front wheel drive Permobil with Corpus seating system was suggested to me, and I have found it to better the expectations I had of a powered wheelchair. I have just taken delivery of my Second Powered Permobil Wheelchair from Lightning Mobility, and once again the service I received was second to none. Previously I had a C300; my new one being the F3 model, both with Corpus seating.

It is just as easy performing outdoors as in a coffee shop in the Mall.

As an Education Volunteer at the National Zoo & Aquarium I have used a Front wheel drive Permobil on site for the past five years. Being able to easily navigate around the grounds, going from concrete or gravel paths, to areas of grass is no problem.

The friendly advice I received, and the answers to my many questions, was exactly what I found to be the big difference between Lightning Mobility, and other disability Equipment Suppliers I have approached.”



Richard England.


Bella Stokes - Aged 10

Bella's Lightning Story

Author: Katie Stokes | 4 November 2016

As you can tell from the pictures, Bella is an active 10 year old girl living with Cerebral Palsy. Bella is finally comfortable after long last with her two new chairs, the Zippie Zone Manual Wheelchair & Permobil F3 Power Wheelchair with supporting SPEX Seating. Bella has been an absolute delight to work with & we're thrilled to see her comfortable & smiling!

Bella's mum Katie Stokes reports "Super special thanks to Cameron and the crew at Lightning Mobility!! It's been a long road but today was magical, seeing Bella comfortable and supported in her incredible new wheels is so awesome!!!"

Cameron, and the team at Lightning Mobility were grateful to receive these great snaps of Bella in her new Manual Wheelchair ice-skating with her best friend & using her Power Wheelchair for the first time. 


Katie Stokes



David Chamberlin - CuroCell Air Mattress

Davids Lightning Story

Author: David Chamberlin | 22 February 2016

I have recently had installed a CuroCell Cirrus Pressure Care Air Mattress from Lightning Mobility.  Within 3 days of using the mattress the pain and pressure sores on the heels and feet had improved, the swelling in my legs was down by at least 70 - 80% and as a result I found that I slept for at least 12 hours each nigh (uninterrupted). On a standard mattress I was awakened every couple of hours with the pain & swelling of the legs & feet.

The mattress was delivered and installed with a comprehensive explanation of the various functions of the mattress by Lightning Mobility & their representative Cameron Aussel.  I had trialled several other air mattresses prior to the installation of this mattress but I knew immediately with just sitting on the bed that this was going to be different.  Before getting into the bed there is a function on the remote control which enables you to increase the pressure in the area where you are going to sit before getting into the bed and lying down - in many air mattresses (without this function), the air pushes out of that portion of the mattress as you sit on the edge of the bed and you sink down making it more difficult to lift the legs higher than your hips and more difficult to lift your body out of this depression before moving to your final sleeping position. Once in the bed, press the button to lower this area to a supportive position for the back. This function made getting into & out of bed so much easier, as on most occasions I am by myself and without assistance.

Another functions & aspects of this air mattress that I found helpful was the foot of the mattress, where the heels normally rest, falls away from the height of the rest of the mattress.  This results in more support for the calves of the legs and less pressure on the heels of the feet, which for people with pressure sores on their heals, is perfect.  There was also more support in the arch of the back which made a big difference when you are a back sleeper & also when getting out of bed in the morning where the process repeats, in reverse. The head of the bed is also fully adjustable.

In summary, I found this air mattress was supportive yet comfortably soft. On the nights that I used the mattress I slept for approximately 12 hours each night without waking and on rising I did not have the usual aches & pains & the legs were noticeably less swollen.  I found it easier to get into & out of bed and I was more alert & clearer in the head - something that was also noticed and commented on by people around me. 

I cannot recommend Cameron Aussel highly enough for his friendly approach to the installation and his patient & comprehensive explanation of the functions of the mattresses.


David Chamberlain *(I have freely provided this article and no financial compensation has been exchanged.)