David Chamberlin - CuroCell Air Mattress

Davids Lightning Story

Author: David Chamberlin | 22 February 2016

I have recently had installed a CuroCell Cirrus Pressure Care Air Mattress from Lightning Mobility.  Within 3 days of using the mattress the pain and pressure sores on the heels and feet had improved, the swelling in my legs was down by at least 70 - 80% and as a result I found that I slept for at least 12 hours each nigh (uninterrupted). On a standard mattress I was awakened every couple of hours with the pain & swelling of the legs & feet.

The mattress was delivered and installed with a comprehensive explanation of the various functions of the mattress by Lightning Mobility & their representative Cameron Aussel.  I had trialled several other air mattresses prior to the installation of this mattress but I knew immediately with just sitting on the bed that this was going to be different.  Before getting into the bed there is a function on the remote control which enables you to increase the pressure in the area where you are going to sit before getting into the bed and lying down - in many air mattresses (without this function), the air pushes out of that portion of the mattress as you sit on the edge of the bed and you sink down making it more difficult to lift the legs higher than your hips and more difficult to lift your body out of this depression before moving to your final sleeping position. Once in the bed, press the button to lower this area to a supportive position for the back. This function made getting into & out of bed so much easier, as on most occasions I am by myself and without assistance.

Another functions & aspects of this air mattress that I found helpful was the foot of the mattress, where the heels normally rest, falls away from the height of the rest of the mattress.  This results in more support for the calves of the legs and less pressure on the heels of the feet, which for people with pressure sores on their heals, is perfect.  There was also more support in the arch of the back which made a big difference when you are a back sleeper & also when getting out of bed in the morning where the process repeats, in reverse. The head of the bed is also fully adjustable.

In summary, I found this air mattress was supportive yet comfortably soft. On the nights that I used the mattress I slept for approximately 12 hours each night without waking and on rising I did not have the usual aches & pains & the legs were noticeably less swollen.  I found it easier to get into & out of bed and I was more alert & clearer in the head - something that was also noticed and commented on by people around me. 

I cannot recommend Cameron Aussel highly enough for his friendly approach to the installation and his patient & comprehensive explanation of the functions of the mattresses.


David Chamberlain *(I have freely provided this article and no financial compensation has been exchanged.)