James Harvey - Zippie Zone Manual Wheelchair

James's Lightning Story

Aurthor: Kimberley Harvey | 27 July 2016

Watch out for James Pokemon hunting on the go in his new Zippie Zone Wheelchair featuring Spex Seating

James's mum Kimberley reports "We've been giving the wheelchair a pretty good workout in the last couple of weeks and are really happy with it!! As you know James doesn't need the chair full time but it enables him to participate in activities that he otherwise wouldn't be able to. It lets him save his energy for the fun stuff without wasting his energy on getting from place to place. 
We had great fun out Pokemon hunting in it on the weekend and clocked more than 10km - and countless pokemon!! We love being able to get out and about more freely, it really will improve the quality of life for the whole family." 


Kimberley Harvey