Richard England - Power Wheelchair

Richards Lightning Story

Author: Richard England | 21 June 2017


"Lighting Mobility staff takes their time to find out exactly what you require in a wheelchair, your limitations, and the situations/locations you will use it in. A front wheel drive Permobil with Corpus seating system was suggested to me, and I have found it to better the expectations I had of a powered wheelchair. I have just taken delivery of my Second Powered Permobil Wheelchair from Lightning Mobility, and once again the service I received was second to none. Previously I had a C300; my new one being the F3 model, both with Corpus seating.

It is just as easy performing outdoors as in a coffee shop in the Mall.

As an Education Volunteer at the National Zoo & Aquarium I have used a Front wheel drive Permobil on site for the past five years. Being able to easily navigate around the grounds, going from concrete or gravel paths, to areas of grass is no problem.

The friendly advice I received, and the answers to my many questions, was exactly what I found to be the big difference between Lightning Mobility, and other disability Equipment Suppliers I have approached.”



Richard England.