Disability Advocacy

What is disability advocacy?

An advocate is someone who can help you speak up so that your needs are heard, your rights are understood and your problems are resolved. Advocates may be employed with a community organization, volunteer with an agency, or community members who want to provide assistance.


How the NDIS defines an Advocate 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 defines an independent advocate, in relation to a person with disability, to mean a person who:

  • is independent of the Agency, the Commission and any NDIS providers providing supports or services to the person with disability

  • provides independent advocacy for the person with disability, to assist the person with disability to exercise choice and control and to have their voice heard in matters that affect them

  • acts at the direction of the person with disability, reflecting the person with disability’s expressed wishes, will, preferences and rights

  • is free of relevant conflicts of interest.

The Act acknowledges the important role of advocates (including independent advocates) and other representatives of persons with disability; and requires registered NDIS providers to cooperate with, and facilitate arrangements for, advocates (including independent advocates) and other representatives of persons with disability who are affected by complaints or incidents and who wish to be independently supported in that process by an advocate or other representative.


Further information on Advocacy

Click here to download the ADVOCACY FACT SHEET



Do you need help finding an advocate?

The National Disability Advocacy Program can help you work with an advocate.

Email them at: disabilityadvocacy@dss.com.au

Or mail to:

            Disability, Employment and Carers Group

            Department of Social Services

            GPO Box 9820, Canberra ACT 2601


You can also search “disability advocate” online. Locate an advocate via this website: https://disabilityadvocacyfinder.dss.gov.au/disability/ndap/