Tilite Manual Wheelchairs

Published on Tue, 03/26/2019 - 18:40

Tilite are world renowned for producing ultra-lightweight scripted wheelchairs, through their process called TiFit. TiFit is the art of building the ergonomics of the wheelchair around the user. As a key enabling device for people with a physical disability, insuring that a chair is completely personalized to the end user matters. How the user sits and fits in the chair is the greatest predictor of comfort and independence, and, over the long-term, will impact the likelihood of secondary injuries. Thus, the most important thing you can do with respect to your client's chair is to make sure that it fits well – that it fits like a prosthetic.

This is the essence of TiFit. The difference between a TiFit chair and all other chairs is that a TiFit chair is tailored specifically to the person: Every chair is a made-to-measure, optimally fitted, wheeled prosthetic. Does the client need a frame angle of 86°? Ask Tilite and they will tell you if it can be done. Not a single tube is bent in the Tilite factory until they receive the order, and a CAD can be requested prior to ordering to ensure that everything is as it should be. The more you understand TiFit, the more you will realize that what the TiFit process achieves cannot be found elsewhere. No other manufacturer does what Tilite do.